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Value Added Services

Edge International, a Division of Titan Metal Fabricators, Inc., is a leading supplier to the orthopaedic, spine and trauma markets, which require the highest level of service and quality. In addition to standard materials, Edge offers additional value-added services.

Precision Grinding

Need a special size?

Need a tighter than standard tolerance for your Swiss Automatic Screw Machine?

Working closely with a local centerless grinding company, Edge can offer bars ground to your specific size and tolerance, down to +/- 0.0002" or even tighter on some dimensions. Grinding to custom size/tolerances adds just a few days to the delivery.

Precision Sawing

Need a specific length?

Save freight costs by cutting to shorter lengths suitable for UPS or FedEx.

Edge offers in-house capabilities for standard cuts and works closely with a local saw cutting company for precision cutting to slugs or tight tolerances.

Non-Standard Specifications

Need a non-standard grade of material?

With contacts in the industry developed over many years, Edge is ready, willing, and able to try to locate those hard-to-find specifications and sizes that you may need.

Just-in-Time Inventory

Need to reduce inventory costs?

Edge can offer firm, fixed-priced contracts for an agreed volume, with delivery of as little as one bar per shipment, whenever you need it to meet your production schedule.