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Value Added Services

Edge International, a Banner Industries company, is a leading supplier to the orthopaedic, spine and trauma markets, which require the highest level of service and quality. In addition to standard materials, Edge offers additional value-added services.

Precision Grinding

Need a special size?

Need a tighter than standard tolerance for your Swiss Automatic Screw Machine?

Working closely with a local centerless grinding company, Edge can offer bars ground to your specific size and tolerance, down to +/- 0.0002" or even tighter on some dimensions. Grinding to custom size/tolerances adds just a few days to the delivery.

NEW: In-house bar end chamfering now available.

Precision Sawing

Need a specific length?

Need overnight delivery or a lower freight cost? by cutting ?

Edge offers in-house sawing capabilities to cut bars to shorter lengths suitable for UPS or FedEx ground or next day shipments. Plus precision cutting to slugs or specific lengths with tight tolerances, ready to go straight into the machine.

Non-Standard Specifications

Need a non-standard grade of material?

With contacts in the industry developed over many years, Edge is ready, willing, and able to try to locate those hard-to-find specifications and sizes that you may need.

Just-in-Time Inventory

Need to reduce inventory costs?

Edge can offer firm, fixed-priced contracts for an agreed volume, with delivery of as little as one bar per shipment, whenever you need it to meet your production schedule.